It seems that accumulating stuff is the natural human default position. Unless you are consciously attempting to reduce your consumerist tendencies and live a simple lifestyle, stuff tends to creep into your life and your home.

I believe a Wholesome House is uncluttered and tidy.

In this powerful article my friend, Justin Miller of Limitless 365, talks about the power of living with less.  Check it out.

Justin goes on to say, ”

There really are only a few key reasons as to why we hold onto “stuff.”

  1. The idea that we’ll need it later
  2. Sentimental value
  3. Afraid we’ll never get it back
  4. Spend good money on it and we need to keep it.

These four reasons revolve around the pleasure versus pain principle.”

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Read the Article Here: What Are You Holding On To? Why You Need to Stop Accumulating Stuff