You guys!  I am so excited to introduce you to a brand new product that I have been secretly researching for the last several weeks: it is the most powerful reverse osmosis system on the planet, and it can fit in almost any home!

Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh!  May I introduce you, ladies and gentlemen, to the Water Filter Warehouse Tankless Reverse Osmosis system! *cheers and fist pumps*

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Benefits of the Water Filter Warehouse Tankless Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

  • Italian-designed American-made advanced water filter
  • Retail price $1999 (Group Buy Discount: 25% off tankless RO system = $1499)
  • Compact, can fit in extremely small spaces
  • Generates more pure water daily (25 gal/hr) than traditional reverse osmosis (10 gal/day)
  • Each of the 2 RO membranes are rated for 180 gal/day (total of 360 gal/day)
  • This tankless RO can easily serve the pure water needs of a family of 4-5.  (Wholesome Tip: On average, a family should be able to produce at least 75-100 gal of pure water per day/per person)
  • Reduces or removes fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, glyphosate, radioactive particles, pesticides, nitrates, sulfites, heavy metals, asbestos, pharmaceuticals, lead, PFOS/PFOA, and bad odor and tastes
  • Extensive lab tests prove water quality
  • Unit backwashes every 8 hours to prevent water stagnation and bacterial growth
  • Filtered water should be used for drinking, brushing your teeth, boiling cooking water, rinsing fruits and veggies, and much more!
  • Filters are not silver-impregnated and are therefore safe for MTHFR mutations
  • Replacement filters cost $199/yr (for 2 filters + 1 membrane) (Group Buy Discount: 25% off filter auto-shipment = $149/yr)

According to, “the effects from radioactive particles in water can cause cancer and even be fatal. While our skin can protect us against alpha particles in the environment, exposure to radiation through water is particularly dangerous because radioactive elements damage tissues and organs.”


Advanced Water Filtration for Small Spaces

If you live in an RV or other small space, traditional reverse osmosis will not work because of space constraints.  The tankless system is small enough to fit in tight cabinets, easy enough to install yourself, and powerful enough to remove all major toxins from your water!

In the photo below, you see how the tankless system fits nicely in the RV kitchen sink cabinet, with room to spare!

Simple faucet the dispenses reverse osmosis (RO) water.  This can be installed by the buyer with the help of our Easy Self-Install Guide.

Hands Down – Easiest Way to Get Healthy Water In a RV or Tiny Home!

Typical reverse osmosis (RO) systems can make 10-20 gallons per day in perfect conditions.  This tankless RO system can generate 25-gallons of purified water per HOUR!  Can you imagine doing a RO water refill at your local grocery store and having to fill up your 5-gallon jug 5 times/hr?!?


How Can I Save Money On A Tankless RO System?

There is currently an open buy on the Water Filter Warehouse Tankless Reverse Osmosis (RO) System.  The Healthy Housing Shopping Network is the first Bulk Purchasing Discount Group for Healthy Home Goods to offer a deep discount on this Tankless RO system.


Buying Through Our Healthy Home Discount Group:

  1. Visit the Healthy Housing Shopping Network (
  2. Check out our open buys (things like water filters, mold inspections, dehumidifiers, biologically compatible lighting, and more!)
  3. Purchase through our simple interface (one invoice and secure payment for all group buys)

How Do I Install The Tankless RO System?

When you purchase the Water Filter Warehouse Tankless RO System, you will get access to my Wholesome Houses Easy Install Guide.

Free Installation for Florida Residents…

If you live in any of the following counties in FLORIDA, installation is free: Bay, Escambia, Hillsboro, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Sarasota, and Walton counties in FL.  We can install your brand new tankless RO in your RV or camper in 2 hours or less!  Contact me to arrange your free installation.


Easy Self-Install Guide Includes:

  • HD video of field installer explaining exactly how to DIY your tankless RO install
  • Easy-to-understand installation manual that is concise and grammatically correct  🙂
  • Simple maintenance instructions (including how to order replacement filters – and how to replace them too!)


How Do I Maintain My Tankless RO System?

Your Self-Install Guide also comes with specific maintenance instructions that include filter replacement info (and FREE filter auto-ship!) and cleaning instructions.


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