Last week, I wrote on the blog about the dangers of 5G radiation and what your family can do to protect yourselves.  This is one such answer.

I believe that the area where you sleep should be as electrically-quiet as possible.  One way to help do this is with an EMF-blocking canopy.

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What is an EMF-Blocking Bed Canopy?

Ladies, is it just me, or is there is something so hopelessly romantic about canopies?  This particular canopy has the added benefit of blocking out harmful and sleep-disrupting electromagnetic frequencies!

This EMF-Shielding bed canopy makes a nice faraday canopy which can be used for other shielding projects.  Depending on the canopy’s effectiveness, excellent low frequency electric field shielding can be expected.


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Does the EMF-Shielding Canopy Actually Work?

When Amber tested EMF levels inside and outside of the canopy, the results were shocking!  experienced a 100x reduction in measured EMF radiation; From about .05+ mW/m2 outside the canopy, to .0006 mW/m2 inside the canopy

Screenshots Courtesy: EMF Warriors Facebook Page




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