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The more I learn about wholesome housing, the more complex I understand things are.  For instance, did you know…

  • You may want to avoid buying your carbon monoxide detector from a big box retailer?
  • You should test your water at the faucet at least once per year (then use contaminant-specific filtration)?
  • The radon test many people perform when purchasing a home is prone to false negative results?

If you are interested in learning more, the pages on this blog will teach you how to create a healthier home.

And as my clients and readers learn more about the relationship between their homes and their health, they want to know… what specific tools, lab tests, or resources can I use to create a healthy home?

So I’ve compiled a list and made it available to everyone.  Here is a running list of some of my favorite tools & resources for creating a wholesome house!  Bookmark this page, as the list is updated regularly!


Tools & Testing

Measure & monitor the health of your home

8 Healthy Home Tests

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  • Tap Score – Easy-to-understand professional laboratory water testing for up to 400 contaminants from the comfort of your home (10 day turnaround on lab results).
  • Digital Hygrometer – Thermometer and humidity gauge which includes data on 24-hour/all-time high/low records and current trends.
  • Continuous Radon Monitor by AirThings – Portable continuous radon monitor for home use with accurate results in 24 hours and no lab tests needed, ever!
  • Low CO Detector – Portable industrial low-level (as low as 1.00 ppm) carbon monoxide detector that comes highly recommended among carbon monoxide survivors.
  • Mold Testing – Information about the top 13 ways to test for mold (including ERMI, moisture testing, and tape sampling).
  • DIY Mold Tape Testing – With this unique hands-on testing procedure, you take tape samples of suspected mold, send them off for identification under a microscope, then receive a digital report of the types of mold present in your home.
  • Visual Contrast Sensitivity Testing: – Free online vision contrast test for detecting biotoxin illness (including from mold exposure).


Wholesome Gear

Carefully curated tools and gadgets for your house

  • Tankless Reverse Osmosis Filter – Italian-designed and made in the USA, this tankless RO system provides the highest quality drinking, brushing, and cooking water with a minimal footprint.
  • Levoit TRUE HEPA Travel Air Purifier – Whisper-quiet and lightweight, this air purifier is perfect for hotel rooms, RVs, or nurseries.
  • Rowenta 6020 Air Purifier – 4 stage purification: prefilter (dust), sealed HEPA filter (allergens and other fine particles), carbon filter (odors and VOCs), and patented formaldehyde capture technology.


Cleaning & Maintenance

How to clean and maintain a healthy home

Probiotic Spray (coming soon)

Filter Delivery (coming soon)


Hiring Professionals

Who to call when you need help

Find a Certified Building Biologist (EMF and Environmental Testing)

EPA’s List of Lead-Safe Contractors