Ok, can we be real for a sec?  I recorded an interview with Scott Mulvaney of the Live The Fuel Podcast at the beginning of the year.  It was my very first podcast interview and I was scared.  Like really. Flipping. Scared!

And since it’s been released, I’ve been unable to watch more than a few 1-minute sections before I start getting really critical of myself and have to turn it off.  Like, someone tell me my voice doesn’t sound like that in real life, right?  Why did I keep nodding my head like a weirdo?  Do I really say “uh” that much?  Why on earth do I keep looking at the ceiling like I have notes up there?  Why would I record my video portrait instead of landscape?  How come I keep standing like I’m pregnant or just finished a race?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME – I said “um” again?!?

So to be completely transparent – I really didn’t want to share this video with you guys (but don’t take it personally – my husband and my mom haven’t seen it either)!  I kinda just hoped it would get buried in podcast obscurity.

But I recently realized that I was being pretty selfish.  I was making it all about me.  And the truth is, if you can ignore the stammering and “um-ing” from the messenger, there is some really sound advice in the message.

So here it is, Internet friends, my podcast debut.  I hope you find it helpful!