This is my first product review and unboxing blog post on Wholesome Houses.  Our family is doing a lot of traveling this summer.  While staying with family in Austin both of my kids started sneezing.

I knew it was time to decide on an air purifier that I trust with my own family’s health.  In this article, I’ll explain why I chose the Levoit True HEPA unit to purify our air on the go.  I’ll give an honest review of the air purifier and show you some unboxing behind-the-scenes.

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Why I Chose the Levoit Air Purifier

So, to recap…I knew I needed a portable air filter to clean the air in our RV, hotel rooms, or other small spaces.

I wanted the best, but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg.  Simple enough, right?

When I started doing research I quickly realized that it is extremely difficult to find a healthy air purifier!

True HEPA filtration should be a requirement, as should filtering air pollution (PM 2.5).  I knew that I wanted my unit to respond to the surrounding air quality by increasing fan speed.  Another thing to watch out for is units that use UV in any way and/or units that generate negative ions – many of these air purifiers create the extremely damaging indoor air pollutant, ozone, as a byproduct.

Product Features I Love About the Levoit Air Purifier:

  • Works to clear the air of dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander, smoke, odor, as well as other small particles and pollutants
  • Filters out dangerous and tiny chemical particles and air pollution (PM 2.5)
  • True HEPA filtration (Wholesome Hint: Not all “HEPA” filters are TRUE HEPA filters *facepalm*)
  • Because the unit doesn’t use UV or ions, it does not create any ozone, a toxic indoor air pollutant and byproduct of UV lights and ionization
  • Sleep mode makes the unit whisper quiet (My whole family sleeps fine through any setting)
  • Smart auto mode determines the surrounding air quality and automatically changes fan speed to purify your air more effectively
  • Covers good area of 322 sq.ft (perfect for a large room or hotel room)
  • Some people may consider this a con about the Levoit, but the unit does not come with a remote control.  I LOVE this feature because it reduces EMF emissions.
  • 2-year warranty and lifetime support with an offer for a FREE additional year of the warranty in the box (see unboxing video below)

Product Features I Don’t Totally Love:

  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the direction of the filtered air flow.  It basically shoots air up and forward (toward you if you face it).  Most air air purifiers I’ve seen have an automotive-style directional air flow fans, which I consider at least somewhat useful.
  • A washable pre-filter would increase the life of the HEPA and carbon filters (which need replacing according to usage)


Air Purifier Safety Precautions

  • Do not unplug unit by pulling on the cord
  • Do not allow children to play on or near the air purifier
  • Keep hair, loose clothing, and body parts away from openings and moving parts
  • Regularly dust unit (unplug and use microfiber cloth to remove excess dust) to prevent electrical sparks
  • Do not use an extension cord with this unit
  • *See owner’s manual for full list of safety precautions


Levoit HEPA Air Purifier Unboxing

This is me unboxing my Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier LV-PUR131.

Video Coming Soon


Where to Place Your Levoit Air Purifier In The Room

  • Do not route power cord under rugs or carperting. Do not route cord under furniture or appliances. Place the power cord away from high-traffic areas.
  • Place air purifier on flat, solid, and stable surface (never on a bed or sofa)
  • Properly position air purifier so that dirty air is not drawn across your head or body while sitting or sleeping
  • Reduce sleep-disturbing electro-magnetic fields while you sleep by plugging unit into an outlet no less than 6 feet from your bed
  • Do not use in an area where toxic vapors, flammable dust, or oxygen tanks are present
  • Do not place air purifier near sources of heat, such as stove tops, ovens, radiators or computers


How to Clean and Maintain Your Air Purifier (How to Replace Your Filters)

  • All Wholesome Houses (and healthy home gadgets, such as air purifiers) require routine occupant maintenance and record-keeping
  • The air filters can be used for up to 6 months, depending on how often your air purifier is used.  Every 6 months you should replace the HEPA and Activated Carbon Filters:
    1. With the air purifier off, unplug the air purifier and remove the back cover
    2. Remove the old air filters and properly dispose of them
    3. Unwrap the new air filters. Place the Activated Carbon filter inside the housing first, making sure the pull tabs are facing the opening
    4. Install the True HEPA filter into the housing; make sure the pull tabs are facing the opening.
    5. Replace the back cover onto the housing
    6. Plug in and turn on the air purifier. Use a pen or a pencil to press the black reset button inside the vent on the side of the air purifier. The “Change Filter” symbol should now be off
    7. Be sure to also clean the dust sensor on the side of the air purifier using a clean cotton swab


Why I Recommend the Levoit Air Purifier

I am very happy with my purchase of this Levoit Air Purifier and highly recommend it to anyone looking to clean the air they sleep in.  I’d love to hear about the air purifier your use in the comments below!



Instagram @levoitlifestyle (Photo Credit)

Levoit LVPUR131 Unit on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

8 Healthy Home Tests

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