My mother, mother in law, and I all suffer from sciatica pain. So when visiting an herb store for some immune supporting supplements, I thought I’d ask Blaine, the extremely knowledgeable owner of Cloud Nine Herbal Shop in Huntsville, TX, if he knew of any natural remedies.

I’m so glad I did!

Blaine showed me a great calf stretch that has changed the game for my sciatic pain!

He showed me how to massage and stretch my calf muscles (from just above the Achilles to just below the knee) using a chair in his herbal shop.  I stretched just one leg and then stood up to feel the difference.  It was incredible!  I felt like I was standing on two different legs.

Then Blaine told me exactly how to build an inexpensive at-home version that would allow me to do this stretch from the comfort of my own bed.

I’ve used this tool every day since!


Sciatica In-Bed Therapy

  • Massage your leg on the long piece of bar, pressing down on your leg with your hands if needed.  Roll your leg side to side, paying particular attention to tender areas.
  • Slowly work your way up your leg from just above the Achilles to just below the knee.
  • It feels a lot like foam rolling or a good massage (meaning: it really hurts!), but this calf muscle tension can cause you to compensate with other muscles and eventually lead to sciatica.
  • Do 15 minutes of this calf stretch/massage 2 times per day.
  • For epic results, combine with this list of 6 Simple Sciatica Stretches You Can Do In Bed from Prevention magazine.


How to Build a $5 Sciatica Calf Stretch Bar

From your local home improvement store:

  • Buy one 10-foot 1-inch PVC pipe (will make 3 stretch bars) cut in the following measurements (many stores will cut the PVC for free):
    • 1 @ 15 inches
    • 2 @ 2 inches
    • 4 @ 3 inches
  • And the following couplings:
    • 2 – tees
    • 2 – 90° elbows

How to put the tool together:

  • Arrange 3″ pieces into the tees as the feet.
  • Attach feet to 90° elbow using 2″ pieces (can’t be seen in final product).
  • Connect the two elbows with the 15″ piece

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