Cleaning & Maintenance

Nontoxic Cleaning and Maintenance by WholesomeHouses.comFew people realize how drastically occupant behavior impacts the health of a home.  For instance, did you know:
  • Your mattress and pillows are breeding grounds for mites, which can be killed with a steam vapor machine?
  • You should avoid laundry detergents that use enzymes?
  • Front-load washing machines are notorious for mold & need gaskets cleaned often?
  • Your refrigerator (probably) has a drip pan that acts as a giant petri dish and needs to be cleaned regularly?
  • You should regularly clean and sanitize the aerator (little mesh screen) on your water faucets?
  • It has been proven more effective to vacuum your home less often, but go over each area slowly and repeatedly?
  • Central air systems are heavily associated mold in the home, and need to be cleaned and inspected annually by a professional?

Interested in getting your healthy home maintenance handled for you (home must be in NW Florida)? Check out my white-glove annual maintenance service!

Cleaning in a healthy home involves the use of non-toxic and biodegradable products.  Other regular maintenance includes, changing filters (AC, fridge, and furnace), HVAC system maintenance and cleaning, chimney sweeping, and home safety inspections (gas leaks, clogged dryer ducts, testing smoke and carbon monoxide monitors).


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