As a building biologist in training and healthy home strategist, I often rely on the precautionary principle, which states that when risk is uncertain or unknown, protective action should be taken in advance of scientific certainty.  In the case of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), I believe that health-conscious families should act now to protect themselves from the health risks of 5G.

Earlier this week I posted my review of the film Generation Zapped. I thought the documentary did a great job of giving an overview about the dangers of non-native EMF (nnEMF), but I thought it did little more than glance over the frightening issue of 5G.

In this 2018 Ultimate Guide to 5G Technology, I want to offer a holistic perspective to this brand new technology.  I will explain exactly what 5G is and how it is so different from 3G and 4G; I will explain how it is used (even though it is a subpar solution for telecommunications) and why it is an issue of national economic interest; I will also provide healthy home strategies and proven biohacks that you can use to protect your family from the dangers of 5G.

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The Most Important Things to Know About 5G

  • Unlike the name hints at, 5G is not just an increased power density like 3G and 4G.  5G is an entirely different form of microwave radiation.  5G is a form of ultra-high frequency radiation (24 to 100 GHz or more).
  • There have been no comprehensive safety studies on 5G technology approving that it is safe for humans.
  • 5G is currently being deployed in certain test cities including Austin, TX, Denver and Colorado Springs, CO.  People with recently diagnosed illnesses of all sorts (including cancers, MS, and more) should consider if 5G may be playing a factor.
  • The “recipe” for 5G will be different in every city, depending on population, tree and building density, underground utilities, and more. This will increase the difficulty of connecting the negative health outcomes, as illnesses will likely cluster according to geographical region, and will be unlike the health diagnoses we expect to see in other cities.
  • Known health risks of nnEMF include ADD/ADHD, foggy thinking, nerve damage, cardiac events, cognitive impairment, violence, immune problems, inflammation, diseases of aging, low energy, caffeine addiction, and leakiness of the blood brain barrier (BBB).
  • 5G presents an extreme electrical shock hazard to the general public.  This is because 5G technology electrifies any conductors that it comes in contact with.  At least a handful of people have been electrocuted from metal underground water, gas, and power utilities.  One man was electrocuted from standing on a manhole.
  • Some EMF experts have made the connection between extremely powerful 5G antennas on top of buildings and extreme illness and mental distress of the building occupants.  According to Dr. Kruse, both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain lived in an expensive New York City apartment with a weapons-grade antenna installed on the roof.  Could their suicidal tendencies have been influenced by this powerful brain-altering microwave radiation?


What Exactly is 5G and Why Is It So Damaging?

5G is a weapons-grade electromagnetic radiation with unprecedented abilities to cripple an entire population wirelessly (but at least you can download the new Jurassic World in 2.2 seconds)!


What You’ll Learn:

  • The physical properties and characteristics of 5G radiation.  This form of ultra-high frequency (UHF) radiation (24 to 100 GHz or more) travels best in straight lines.
  • Why you should expect a massive deployment of aimed & amplified 5G antennas and towers.
  • The potential billions of dollars of economic revenue make 5G an issue of national importance.
  • There will be no safety testing or long-term studies prior to widespread implementation.  Tom Wheeler, former FCC chairman (you know, the agency tasked with regulating the wireless industry) does not see the need for regulations.
  • FCC wants to open up other high frequency bands that could be useful for future satellite and military operations.
  • “Everything that can be connected will be connected.”  Everyday items (pill bottles, planters, etc) will be connected to the Internet of Things via microchip and IP technology.  Your every move will be monitored.
  • All areas – including rural areas – will be saturated with this biologically disruptive radiation.



5G Consipiracy: Eco-Genocide Through Microwave Radiation

Susan Clark and Greg Carlwood

This video discuss why one of the most well-studied home health effects (emf radiation) still gets overlooked as a severe biological irritant and known carcinogen.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the weapons-potential of 5G makes it such a well-funded industry, The negative health effects of radio frequency (RF) fields is more well-studied than lead poisoning and cigarette smoking.
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) calls this spectrum of RF radiation as a health hazard.
  • The Eastern understanding of qi (chi) energy is a way to explain body’s electrical system.  This native electrical system, or qi – which influences or controls incredibly important bodily functions including the beating of your heart – can be distorted in the presence of nnEMF.
  • 3G, 4G, and 5G all require modulation (pulsed modulation or frequency modulation) of the wave, creating a spiky and unnatural wave pattern that according to Dr. Henry Lai is not seen anywhere else in the known universe.  This wave pattern is xenobiotic, or foreign to nature, and extremely biologically irritating.
  • Pulsed modulated centimeter microwaves were believed by the Russians to be the mechanism of human psychic and intuitive activity.  Susan Clark argues that this unnatural frequency may interfere with our inherent spiritual connection.
  • As a wavelength reaches body part size, it begins affecting that body part.  This relationship moves towards resonance, where the body or body part vibrates in sync with the xenobiotic wave pattern.  The human head is within the range of 3-8 inches (centimeter wavelength range).
  • Non-native radiation is well-absorbed by water.  Our bodies are largely made up of water, meaning that the human body is essentially a sponge for this dangerous radiation.
  • Why the electrical grid is inefficient at best, and more nefarious at worst.
  • Interrupting natural evening lighting with biologically irritating light (from screens, LEDs, and fluorescent bulbs) and other EMFs suppresses melatonin production.  Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, searching the body for and eliminating free radicals during sleep.  Low melatonin levels are linked to ADD/ADHD, foggy thinking, nerve damage, cardiac events, cognitive impairment, violence, immune problems, inflammation, diseases of aging, and caffeine addiction.
  • Exogenous health risks including biological agents, chemical agents, nuclear agents, electromagnetic agents. and even noise pollution.  They are hard to connect to negative health effects because they are invisible, inaudible, and impalpable.
  • Susan Clark believes that the huge influx of RF radiation are part of a larger geoengineering program meant for targeted population control.
  • For decades scientists have known the cancer-causing effects of RF radiation.
  • There are a lot of frequencies that exist outside of the “Roy G. Biv” (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) light spectrum that our eyes are familiar with.  There is infrared and ultraviolet waves.
  • 5G is unprecedented which involves 15 different wavelengths.  Some of these wavelengths target our bodies, our most critical organs, and our behavioral and mental health.
  • Why “flu season” and “hurricane system” are intentionally misleading.
  • Susan Clark pleads with listeners to have their entire family stop watching television, because you can’t mentally filter the garbage from the TV programming.  It is a distraction as well as an agent of mind control.
  • Get rid of your wireless bill and donate instead to nnEMF researchers.
  • Why you should take a vacation every year, as near in the tropics as possible.  Dr. Kruse recommends Playa del Carmen as the best place on the planet to repair mitochondrial disease – because of it’s tropical latitude, close to the magma chamber with a higher magnetic field, and has dueterium-depleted water.
  • If you do a blood smear with and see RBCs with spiked cell walls, this is evidence of nnEMF.


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5G From a Mitochondrial Health Perspective

With Dr. Jack Kruse and Nick Pineault

This interview is a great look at how the deployment of 5G will effect us from a quantum biological and epidemiological perspective.


What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of learning about mitochondrial health – or becoming what Dr. Jack Kruse calls a “mitochondriac.”
  • Why health practitioners and patients must understand the biophysics of our bodies and cells.  With 4G and 5G, wireless engineers are changing wave forms, rather than simply increasing power density, so we are currently living in a human experiment.
  • Why Dr. Kruse predicts that the non-native EMF (nnEMF) – especially in 5G cities – will cause an increased number of suicides (and how it may have impacted Nikola Tesla, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain).
  • In 1900 the US Government declares colon cancer the #37 leading cause of cancer was colon cancer.  Today it is the #2 leading cause of all deaths.  The pace of this “disease of modernity” rules out the possibility of natural selection or genetic changes.
  • Power density doesn’t matter in a 5G world.  The body parts that will interact most with the 5G environment include the skin, eyes, gut, and the lung.
  • The power grid is not the same everywhere in the world.  In Europe the power grid oscillates at 50 Hz, in The United States the power grid oscillates at 60 Hz.  Two of the most important biochemical processes in the human body (TCH cycle and the urea cycle) only occur when the mitochondrial membrane vibrates at 100 Hz.  Because of the impact of harmonics (or what some practitioners call “dirty electricity”), electro hypersensitivity is more common in Europe than in the US.
  • The biggest clue that you live in a problem zip code is the sudden presence of human health problems.
  • 5G is currently being deployed in certain test cities including Austin, TX, Denver and Colorado Springs, CO.  People with recently diagnosed illnesses of all sorts (including cancers, multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disorders, and more) should consider if 5G may be playing a factor.
  • 5G electrifies water lines, gas lines, and electric lines.
  • You can run tests for electro hypersensitivity.   Stubborn Vitamin D levels can indicate strong 4G and 5G environments (25-OH Vitamn D levels should be >25). The simplest test to check is BUN/creatinine ratio (above 15:1 indicates a problem). Your doctor can also run an adrenal stress profile index (high DHEA can indicate an unhealthy EMF environment).
  • Why Dr. Kruse considers the very most important test to be population density.
  • According to Dr. Kruse, being in a plane is similar to being a piece of steak inside a microwave oven.  To mitigate the effects of the “junk lighting” on planes, place your bare foot on the metal chair in front of you.
  • Circadian disruption (especially from blue light and nnEMF) is the key to the mitochondrial disorders that occur after widespread 5G deployment.
  • Most doctors and building biologists are unaware of how melanopsin impacts health.
  • Why Dr. Kruse wants health-conscious individuals to be more like wildebeasts.  We are no longer wild, but we are “zoo animals.”
  • Why Dr. Jack Kruse doesn’t recommend EMF shielded clothing, shields, grounding mats, or supplements without one personally verifying claims.
  • A 5G-Resistant Home has rebar-reinforced concrete, natural gypsum sheetrock with lead lining, metal roof, metal reinforced walls, and armored metal wiring.
  • Why Dr. Kruse recommends health conscious people sell their existing homes and build healthy homes.
  • Alzheimer’s disease was discovered 25 years after Edison’s electric bulb and just 15 years after Tesla’s A/C electric grid.
  • The reason why Dr. Kruse doesn’t recommend earthing/grounding anywhere near large cities or 5G testing areas.
  • Red-pigment tattoos can contain mercury sulfide (cinnabar) which can cause skin cancer in the presence of nnEMF.


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